Discover Your Roots

Stress. Anxiety. Back aches. Whatever your reason for coming, we welcome you. Roots brings traditional Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Hatha yoga practices together within the context of the modern family.


Equal Attention to Flow & Alignment

In every class, we aim to learn correct alignment by holding poses. As a vinyasa-based class, we will also flow between poses and focus on breathing.



Adults and children benefit greatly from practicing mindfulness, and ultimately, taking it off the mat and into their everyday lives. Every class incorporates a mindfulness exercise appropriate and accessible to the group. Studies show this correlates strongly to better academic performance, self regulation, stress management, and calming anxiety.


Family Friendly

Bodies work best when we breathe, and Roots seeks to give everyone, and every family, a space to breathe. Let us know your situation and we will find a solution that works everyone!